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Station 1 Carla Arena

BiodataCarla Arena supervises the Educational Technology area at the Casa Thomas Jefferson (CTJ) and has been involved in the design and management of CTJ e-learning. She considers herself a lifelong learner. Her main interests are faculty development and educational technology. 

Contact: carlaa@thomas.org.br

Title: Creative Writing with Flickr

Outline:  This station will give you an overview of how a photo sharing site, Flickr, can power up students´ writing in an engaging and creative way.





Station 2 -  Sílvia Caldas

Biodata:.Has been an English teacher since 1994 and has worked at CTJ for eight years now. Holds a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics and is currently a member of the EdTech team at the Casa.  

Title: Zooming in Web Tools

Outline:  An overview of some online tools (Zoom words, safe share TV) that can enhance your students' learning and production in class.



Station 3 - Érika Cruvinel

BiodataErika Cruvinel has been teaching English as a foreign language in Brazil for 11 years. Erika is a Deputy Coordinator at CTJ and she is also a member of the EdTech Team. She has presented workshops on the use of technology in the classroom and international collaborative projects.

Contact: erikat@thomas.org.br

Title: Digital tools for Classroom Management  

Outline:  In this station, participants will learn about free online tools to enhance classroom management: group maker, seatting chart maker, name generator, scoreboard and fun timers.





Station 4 - Roberto Arruda

Biodata: Has been working at CTJ since 2004 and is currently a member of the EdTech team at the Casa.  


Title: Photos in the EFL Classroom

Outline:  Participants will learn how to enhance students´ language production through the use of visuals in the classroom.



Station 5 - Lilian Marchesoni

Biodata: Has been an English teacher for eleven years, started teaching at Casa Thomas Jefferson in 2006 and is currently a member of the Casa's EdTech team. She holds a degree in Translation from UnB. She also has a Michigan certificate and a CTJ Teacher Development Course Certificate.


Title: xtranormal

Outline: In this station, participants will learn how to use "xtranormal" to engage students, have them create fun dialogs and reinforce language production in a meaninful way!



Station 6Claudio Fleury

Biodata: Claudio has been teaching EFL for over 16 years. He's an enthusiast of the use of technology in the classroom as a tool to enrich classes, motivate students and increase their learning opportunities.

Contact: claudios@thomas.org.br

Title: Online Speaking Activities 

Outline:  This session shows some free online tools that can be integrated into your classes and be used to help students practice speaking in the classroom and outside.



Station 7 - Jose Antonio

Biodata: José Antônio has been teaching English for 20 years. He´s been a CTJ EdTech monitor at Taguatinga  branch for over 3 years. He holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in TESOL. He is also an E-tutor for the British Council-SENAI SPEAK e-English for Teachers.


Title: Social Networking for Language Learning

Outline:  Social networking is one the most popular online activities with the general public. This session presents ways of integrating a social networking website  into your teaching and connecting your students.



Station 8 Victor Jatobá Botelho

Biodata:.  Victor Jatobá Botelho has been an English teacher for twelve years. He started teaching at Casa Thomas Jefferson in 2003 and has been a member of the Casa's EdTech team for over a year. He  has a Michigan certificate and a CTJ Teacher Development Course Certificate

Contact: victorjatobabotelho@gmail.com

Title: From Passive to Active learning. Web Tools that Foster Active Production

Outline:  Are you tired of being the only active part in the building of knowledge? Come to this presentation and learn how to access and use 3 (three) Web Tools that can put your students in command of their learning process.

Kako Messenger , Oddcast and  Spellingcity 







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